Friday, October 25

#ScotiaAmex Massive Meet-Up

Last night I attended the Scotiabank Massive Meet-Up at Globe on St. Laurent! Bloggers from across Canada met up in different cities - Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Winnepeg - to celebrate the new ScotiaAmex Gold Card [ergo the hashtag of Wednesday night], connect all events coast to coast and meet lovely bloggers from our own cities.

We kicked off the evening with the signature cocktail "The Maple Leaf" and the most beautiful oysters. Clearly our foodie group, including the gents from 514eats and the darling Chloe of Petite Brunette en Talons Haute, held down the oyster bar. 

Throughout the evening there was fun trivia about travel and we learned a bit about the new credit card. I must admit I went for the food and chance to meet other bloggers but I was genuinely impressed to learn that the ScotiaAmex Gold Card has a great annual rate, especially for a travel rewards card [and I would know, I just redeemed my Avion for our honeymoon!]! 

The dinner guests were lovely, the courses multiple and unrelenting [with bites inspired by each of the cities], and conversation flowing. It was such a fantastic opportunity to meet so many lovely Montreal bloggers including Gen in the City, Day Jobs and the Nightlife and Forget the Box. I wish I had snapped more pictures but the night sped by way too quickly! I'm hoping to get my hands on some of the professionally taken photos from the night - I'll make sure to share when I do! Happy Friday!

**I was not paid for this post, my opinions are my own. I'm not sure if anyone has clued into this but I am a big nerd when it comes to earning rewards and banking. I have bonded with some of my best friends over a mutually love of RRSPs, TFSAs and multiple savings accounts. To say my inner-nerd was geeking out Wednesday night would be an understatement.


  1. hehe I used to work at globe...I was there when they built the raw bar...I miss it dearly!

  2. No way, that's too funny! It was really good and the staff seemed super nice so I can understand why you would miss it.


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