Monday, October 28

California Coasting : Desert Adventure

Our trip to the desert started out as a day trip. A quick drive to Joshua Tree National Park with a 2 hour detour to Desert Springs Premium Outlets. Well, that was unrealistic. By 3:00pm we finally finished our big 3 - Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Levis (510s for Jack) and my personal favourite, Off Saks Fifth Avenue - and realized we needed to book a hotel.

We arrived in Palm Springs as the sun was setting, dropped our things in our room and then ventured out for dinner. We were exhausted from the unanticipated shopping spree and most definitely hangry; the Nest was exactly what we didn't know we needed! As we were about to opt-out after seeing a pricey dinner menu a kind man convinced us to stay and order off the bar menu. We grabbed a table in the corner and had ordered our bites when things started to heat up. The piano singer got the crowd bumping with renditions of Smooth Operator and a bunch of other throw backs; not something we were expecting for a Wednesday night!

We began our morning with a swim in the pool before heading into Palm Springs for search of breakfast. Our friends had recommended Cheeky's but alas, it was not open. Instead we found Farm, a charming restaurant with crepes to die for hidden down a side street and tucked around a corner. The food was delicious and the staff beyond nice. It would be a regular go-to for me if I lived close-by. Joshua Tree National Park was beautiful. Being from East Coast Canada I had never been to a desert before and didn't realize how beautiful it would be! The mountains in the distance were breathtaking and the miles of desert plants and rock piles were incredible. Next time, we will plan to spend three days.

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  1. Lovely photos! I'm so glad you had a great time. Joshua Tree and the desert were always my favorites when I lived in LA. :)


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