Friday, October 11

California Coasting :: Highway 1

quick stop in Carmel
overnight stay in Big Sur at Glen Oaks
snaps along the way between Big Sur and San Simeon

Clearly, I have no self control. I think this may be the most photos I've ever posted but how could I help myself, the drive along highway 1 is ludicrously breathtaking. Honestly, we took three hours to get to our first stop which was an hour and a half away because I couldn't help and pull the car over to grab snaps every 15 minutes... and I thought I was being reasonable. These pictures hardly even do the views justice. My words will fall flat trying to describe the feeling one gets from driving so close to the edge of such an impressive coastline. You will just have to make the trip yourself someday, I promise it won't be anything but amazing. We may even run into each other, I am planning our return as we speak.

Aside from the coastal views, our Big Sur stopover also made a lasting impression. Redwoods, river and coast made it one of the most beautiful stretches along the one. With so many options, we had our fingers crossed that Glen Oaks would be the right choice. Not only was Glen Oaks was a pleasure, with beyond comfortable accommodations and a lovely, personal patio, we also had one of our best meals of our entire trip at the Roadhouse. Gracious staff, well priced courses and a steak to die for... or at least order even though you're already beyond stuffed. 


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    1. haha thank you! we were pros at it by this point... we used our Quebec City anniversary as training!

  2. Beautiful! I love the photos - never too many when they're this great.


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