Monday, October 14

California Coasting :: Hearst Castle

We woke up nice and early to take advantage of our last bits in Big Sur with a hike,  some trespassing and then a delicious [and I mean, delicious] bite to eat at Big Sur Bakery. Our trip continued along highway 1 with more gorgeous scenery and our eyes set on Hearst Castle. Our tour of Hearst Castle began with a harrowing bus ride made only slightly less terrifying, by the narration of Canada's sweetheart, Alex Trebek. For those of you who have done this tour, I'm not sure whether all bus rides up are nerve-wracking or if our driver was a particular type of daredevil.

The highlight of the "ranch" for me was the pool [the GIF of all my pool pictures may be a giveaway]. This pool was so blue, clear and beautiful that it stole my heart right away. I was immediately able to imagine myself diving gracefully into the pool and then doggy-paddling the day away. It is now my life's goal to one day swim in this pool. If you have connections, please help.

We managed to wrangle some In-n-Out during the last leg of our trip down the coast and arrived in LA around 9pm Friday night to champagne, pizza and our lovely friends, Terra and Andrew!

Jack made this. He said it's our Tim & Eric moment.

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