Wednesday, August 14

Summer Chiffun

H&M skirt [similar] | American Apparel chiffon | Zara flats [similar] | Rudsak clutch [similar]

There's nothing like a little Chiffon in the summer to make you feel truly fancy free. I bought this top back in early spring, hung it in my closet and have tip toed around it ever since. I knew I liked it, I was just unsure of how to style it.

Enter, my little sister. When she visits, she loves to pop over early and spend some quality time with my closet - looking, touching, trying her favourites on. One night before dinner she was doing her thing and decided that what she was wearing just wouldn't do! Being so familiar with my closet she quickly pulled together a couple pieces and we were off.
This blouse, her skirt, cute ballet flats - it's almost as though she planned it before she even arrived... 

That's how sisters work. She steals my clothing I steal her inspiration and we come out even.


  1. Well your blouse is super cute! I can't blame her for borrowing it!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Adorable! I love the skirt. Sometimes it takes someone else to style a piece of your wardrobe to see a new way of wearing it :)

  3. Great blouse! I love the polka dots and it works so well with that vibrant skirt. I still need to get that button to you! I'll try and do that this weekend. Sorry for the delay!


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