Friday, August 16

California Coast-ing :: Accommodations

Planning for this trip alone has been a wonderful way to get to know the California coast. We've had some gorgeous recommendations for our stay in-between San Francisco and Los Angeles and I just had to share them with you!


Honestly, something about this one struck a chord. Not is it located deep in the gorgeous BIG SUR redwoods but it also overlooks the ocean - don't think it gets better than that. I'm not sure if I'm human nest material but those yurts look spectacular AND the menu? come on! my mouth is watering just reading it.

Glen Oaks
This lovely spot may not have the ocean at your front door but I'm not sure it can get anymore romantic than this. Cottages and cabins hidden away in thick redwoods, private patios and stars for miles. Be still my heart. 

Post Ranch
This little slice is completely out of our price range but just had to be included on account of how jaw-droppingly perfect it is. One day my friend, one day we will stay with you and it will be just as magnificent, calming and luxurious as I imagine. 


Cypress Inn

Gorgeous, stately and radiating a strong Mediterranean feel, the Cypress Inn caught my eye immediately. I would not have expected it from the appearance but this stunning Inn allows pets! Beautiful and down to earth, what more could one ask for?  

The sweetest little Inn in a lovely little town. Nestled in gorgeous gardens this place looks to be a gem for an overnight getaway. Unfortunately for us, I am a Gilmore at heart and shy away from B&Bs for fear of accidental conversations with strangers



Madonna Inn
"Delightfully tacky" was how this Inn was described to me, and upon further investigation there is no better way to sum it up. I feel as though I'd want to stay for at least three nights to explore and fully soak up the eccentricity that is this place.

*disclosure :: we haven’t actually stayed at any of these locations yet so all opinions are assumptions based on photos, reviews and recommendations // I am not receiving anything in return for the above I’m just excited to share our progress!

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  1. The Madonna Inn is fantastic! Definitely splurge for one of the more theme-y rooms otherwise they can be just like regular rooms. I've been twice and it's really a one day kind of place.


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