Wednesday, February 6

Wedding Wednesday :: Reception

Our reception was a little bit crazy. Originally, it had been laid out in the front part of our backyard. Long banquet tables to one side, with cocktail tables and a bar to the other. Lights had been strung across the entire space set to be turned on as the evening set in. Once the torrential rain hit however our planB was in effect.

surprise champagne!

Our amazing guests put down their cocktails, cheeses and beers and started grabbing chairs, tables and whatever else they could manage. My sisters and brother had been given a detailed, barn rain plan and directed everyone for placement. By the time Jack and I arrived everyone had a drink in their hand, a smile on their face and rained-on clothing had begun to dry. I'm told the men were chivalrous and the women outstanding. Part of me wishes I could have been there with them.

There was champagne and soon after, food, speeches and tears. I couldn't have felt more lucky than to have such amazing friends and family around to help us celebrate. Below, I've chosen a couple of my favourites snaps from during the reception. 

Our MC, Jack's brother, Alex

post Father-of-the-Bride speech

post Sister-of-the-Groom speech

Attempting to express our gratitude


  1. Your wedding was gorgeous!Wedding is the one memorable to your life.

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  2. You really looked stunning. I'm happy your plan b was successful! I can't even imagine how stressful a wedding must be so rolling with the punches is so important!



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