Tuesday, February 12

Wedding Reception :: Details

Much like the ceremony, our reception was littered with DIY details. From the guest book to the photo booth we added touches wherever we could manage.

Jack drew little cartoon versions of us holding balloon strings for our guest book. Old windows were propped up close by outlining what to do. 

With the help of Jack's aunt, our favours, blueberry jam made by a local farm, were adorned with twine and a J&S tag available for guests to collect on their way out. 

The Super 8 cameras Jack had collected throughout the year prior were set up with instructions to be used at will.

Hydrangeas we had bought from a local wholesale distributor were placed in wooden crates bought en mass from the dollar store and stained by Jacks aunt. 

Table cloths were just long pieces of white fabric bought from fabricville, while the runners were either borrowed from my friend or sewn by my mother. Since we were going for a rustic, romantic feel the unfinished ends of the cloth fit right in and even added to the atmosphere!

In keeping with the touches from the ceremony, the main details of our reception were bunting, flowers and twinkle lights. The flowers were brought in from the ceremony, while our bunting was sewn by a very lovely friend and the lights were strung by very patient men.

The barn itself had such character that I shied away from too many details as I didn't want them to compete and clash. It was soft, simple and romantic.


  1. Gorgeous! This is exactly the feel I want for my (someday) wedding :) You really nailed it!

    1. By "it" I mean the "rustic/romantic" vibe. Not my dream wedding. That would be creepy.

  2. I unfortunately did not get to attend a wedding here, but instead attended a conference and can I just say - the view was totally mind blowing.
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