Monday, June 18

Music Monday

Okay, so this song/video is a lot more quirky and a lot less of a song than I usually post BUT it is so damn catchy and has been stuck in my head forever.

I will warn those who enjoyed this and have decided to look for more Tim&Eric, prepare for things to get MUCH weirder. This little ditty definitely leaned normal in their world and I have stumbled upon somethings I would rather not have. 

For those who did not enjoy this, I watched Easy A and Mean Girls this weekend [thank YOU W network] and now have Pocket Full of Sunshine and Jingle Bell Rock stuck in my head so we'll be back on track for next week!


  1. LoL Sorren! I watched Mean Girls the other night too! By my own volition though.... how embarrassing. 

  2. Too much hahahahaha.

    (I watched Mean Girls about 4x last weekend, as TBS played it at least that many times.)

  3. oh TBS... the bestest station ever. So bummed, we get "peachtree" now in place of TBS, it is the worst


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