Thursday, May 10

ECFB unleashed: Saturday night-wear

United Colors of Benetton leather [similar] | Pink Martini mustard | Stop Staring belt [similar] | Hue tights
Michael Kors heels [similar] | Joe Fresh necklace [similar] | Matt & Nat clutch [similar] | coil bracelet [similar]

What . Cocktails & Dinner for ECFB unleashed!
When . Saturday, April 28th
Weather . Sunny, but cold. Oh-so cold.

I always find it difficult when I have two things I want to write about but they only overlap because of timing and therefore I must prioritize. Why oh why did I not just wear this outfit last night!? Alright it's decided - outfit first, birthday second.

There was so much going on over the ECFB weekend that there was surprisingly very little time to actually snap a few photos of what I wore! Luckily, I did manage to grab a couple of my outfit Saturday night [pre-dinner] and my outfit Sunday morning [post farewell brunch]. Although I loved what I wore out to dinner, I did feel a little too styled for the cooler fall and winter seasons. However, when living in Nova Scotia sometimes thems the breaks of April and May. So I committed to the black accents and revelled in the edge it brought. 

Switching gears. I had SUCH an amazing birthday yesterday! Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful words - they brought sunshine into the otherwise cloudy day [literally not figuratively, it poured all day]. 

So far my birthday week is off to a fantastic start! There was dinner and a movie [The Five Year Engagement] with my parents last Saturday. A sushi lunch with my boss Tuesday and the Avengers [i.e. handsome Robert Downey Jr.] Tuesday night. My actual birthday - Two if by Sea croissants, family & friends drop-in, phone calls, Chabaa Thai for lunch and then gifts and dinner with my guy at Chives Bistro [amazing!!] - all organized by my amazing fianc√©, Jack. Today, my birthday week continues with lunch out [more a symptom of an empty fridge than birthday but who cares] and the showing of This American Life live - I am completely nerding out.  

*Full disclosure these heels were swapped out for these ones. After taking these shots I realized I was a little too sleep deprived to test fate and attempt to adorn these into the evening.


  1. love the leather jacket paired with the delicate fabric of the dress :) I would never have thought to pair these together, but i'm loving it!

    PS: I can attest to the cold! I wore a winter coat!

  2. Love this WHOLE outfit, but those tights are especially killer. Hope you link this up to Bloggers Take the Town at the end of the month ;)

  3. Aw!  A very happy birthday and besides the possibility of being too hot, this is a terrific outfit to celebrate in! I love that color on you!

  4. I love those tights with those heels! But I totally understand about the switcheroo!

  5. Great look! I love the edge of the jacket paired with the super pretty dress. And I'm happy to hear your birthday/week was wonderful :) 

  6. Haha I love the idea of a birthday week! Hope it keeps going amazingly for you :) And great outfit - love the yellow dress :)

  7. I absolutely love this mustard colour dress on you! 


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