Wednesday, January 25

Wedding Wednesday :: Decoration Inspiration

I realized today that it's still a little bit of a stretch at this point to be 
doing Wedding Wednesday posts on a weekly basis
so be warned - I'm going to get all sporadic on you guys; keep you guessing.
However, since the lovely Lili over at Relatable Style sent me a link
for some awesome wedding inspiration, 
I couldn't help but go on a mad mood board/pinning spree
that I now would like to share with all y'all.

My guess, you'll be seeing a lot more of these from here on out 
- you can thank Lili for my new found addiction.


  1. I love these ideas. It reminds me of shabby chic which is one of my favorite ways to decorate. Too bad I already had a wedding ;)

  2. I love the colour combination of lemon with grey. Very pretty! 

  3. Love these colours - and that bathtub idea! Emily and Jeff had those same straws at their wedding, I know she found them on Etsy, but maybe she can tell you who she bought them from!


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