Friday, January 20

Food Friday: Carrot Cake

Carrot cake... where do I begin??
I make this cake at minimum, 2 times a year (usually it's more like 4 -5).
It all began when Jack and I first started dating and I found out that he LOVES carrot cake. If it were a human I would have some intense competition for his attention. Even as a baked good it often overshadows me... but that's an issue for another time.

So, two times a year I'm required (although I do so lovingly) to make this cake.
The first time is at Jack's birthday, the other is at Ruby's (Jack's sister)
Apparently the whole Carr family has a thing for carrot cake
and when Ruby realized Jack was getting it on an annual basis she signed up, although under the strict request that there be no nut OF ANY SORT included in the cake. She's "allergic".  

Carrot Cakes are pretty easy to make, they're just slightly time consuming. 

1 & 2 - The hardest part to get through is the beginning when grating carrots. Usually I am able to coax someone else into doing this for me, but this time I was on my own. It. took. FOREVER. I'm serious. The only reason I didn't go crazy while doing it was that I pulled up a stool and set up Gossip Girl (pre-Christmas)- I recommend it for everyone. 

3 - A key thing to remember is to shift that s*** (i.e. flour, baking powder, spices, etc.) Sifting when baking cakes, muffins and cupcakes, makes all the difference in the world. When I make a special cake, I even sift 2 - 3 times - yeah, that's right, I over do it. That's how I roll folks; all or nothing.

4, 5 & 6 - Another trick I like to use when making cake (although it is slightly less effective when carrots or other disruptive ingredients are involved), is to separate the yolk from the egg white. I mix the yolk in with the rest of the wet ingredients and then beat the whites until they form soft peaks.

Place the egg whites aside and continue the recipe as instructed. Once everything is mix in, fold in the egg whites. This should help make your cake lighter since the white add air into the mixture - it's the bees knees. 

 FULL RECIPE (It's my go-to)

The icing is fairly simple and completely delicious.

1. Make sure you have enough icing sugar. I always assume I have enough but never do. Checking first will save you a trip to the store in your sexy sweats and lounge-wear.

2. Take your room-temperature butter and cream cheese and blend them together. Take these out when you begin your cake. I never do. I only think of them as the cake goes in the oven and then I have to wait. Don't worry though... I always have tons of Gossip Girl to catch up on, and once that's done there's always Vampire Diaries (or VD, as Mary would prefer call it).

3. Blend everything with your mixer. Don't be a hero, mixing by handing does nothing for anyone. Everything includes, vanilla, icing sugar, butter, cream cheese and grated lemon and orange rind. Don't think this is enough of a recipe? Here's the full thing.

4. Oh yeah, the orange is my secret edition. So don't tell anybody... I'm looking at you, internets.

Now all you gotta do is decorate to your hearts content. Sometimes I fill the iced cake with walnut pieces, other times I use the coloured icing tubes to decorate. When I feel fancy I go all out a create tiny little marzipan carrots that I paint with orange food colouring and top with cloves.

The one note I will make is, when layering cakes it helps to shave off the top rounded part of the cake. This will help them stack better and prevent sliding.

My decorating job for Jack's birthday 2011


  1. aaah! I love the little carrots on top, dang girl you've got skills

  2. may I recommend a food processor if it's in your budget? it has totally allowed me to make carrot cake twice as often as before. At least, mine comes with a blade that basically allows you to hold the carrot and the blade is a grater (kitchen aid).

  3. i heart me some carrot cake!  this looks delicious!

  4. This recipe looks amazing, I am a huge fan of carrot cake! My hubster and I actually served it at our wedding. 

  5. oooo that is some great insight. I don't have one but I will definitely be putting it on my wedding registry now!


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