Friday, August 19

What I ate: Caramelized Pork Banh Mi

With a freezer full of meat from our giant True Organic order, and more on the way from another deal we just bought, Jack and I have been working overtime cooking delicious random meals. This week on the menu was a Caramelized Pork Banh Mi sandwich, found on our beloved food52 site - seriously, these guys have not steered us wrong once. Not once. They're good people, good people with great food (those are the best kinds of people, so you know).

There's not much to this recipe, it's actually pretty easy to throw together,
especially because we are HUGE fans of all asian, and asian-inspired cuisine
resulting in us having a cupboard full of spices, oils, sauces and vinegars 
that are often required in recipes like these.

Since we need the radishes and carrots needed to be pickled
and the green onions, ginger and garlic were required for the marinade
we began by chopping all our fresh vegetables.

Next we got to cooking the meat. 
This is something I usually mess up because meat stresses me out.
I get all nervous that it's not cooked through, which is funny
because if I'm at a restaurant I don't question anything -
I even like steak and tuna tartare.

That's pretty much it folks. 
I just assembled the sandwiches like a pro and then
we chowed down like there was no tomorrow
...which of course there was, so we got to do it all over again!


One key thing to remember: do not put on too much pate. I did and I was not a fan. 


  1. Yum! Banh Mi has long been my favorite sandwich! As an elementary student, I was always pretty thrilled when it showed up in my lunchbox. :D

  2. The Banh Mi looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I'm drooling just thinking about the caramelized pork...

  3. That looks AMAZINGGGGG. If I didn't live so close to a Vietnamese restaurant (within walking distance!) that we love that have $3 banh mi (AND PUNCH CARDS, lol), i'd totally make them myself... or just invite you over and you can make them for me :) so much yum!

  4. The True Organic mention reminds me of the 30 Rock ep where Liz decides to give up junk food and has organic meals delivered and starts to throw up just reading the name of salmon risotto or something like that. Anyway not saying this is gross, just saying 30 Rock is funny and that I wish I had good ingredients to make delicious food like this.

  5. oh man, if I lived where you lived I would NEVER make this again! ahah I would definitely opt for the delicious professionals making it for me :)

  6. you are SO saying this is gross! I don't even know what this thirty-rock you speak of is! ;)

    Liz lemon is my hero. as is tina fey. she is a true role model.
    yes i am obsessed.
    and no, I do not stalk her full time... only on weekends when i can afford the flight to NY. I'm in massive debt.

  7. muahahah I did this on purpose to you because all your mcdonalds posts made me drool!!!

  8. oh wow! I would have loved this in my lunch box! All I got was sandwiches made with health-food store ingredients. lame.

  9. your self made banh mi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> mcdonald's!! i can only hope to get an invite to one of your future dinner parties ;)

  10. You really are an amazing person you are a stylist plus a good cook which is very rare combo


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