Tuesday, August 16

A Look Inside: My Bag (IFB Project #9)

I did a "A Look Inside: My Bag" post not too long ago for Kimmie over at Blue Paper Lanterns but since then lots has changed so I have decided to take IFB Project #9: What's in your bag as an opportunity to re-visit my life - bag-style - and see what's different.

Usually I'm not a big fan of bags with big logos all over them
but in this case I found the neutrals blended well together,
plus it was on sale,
plus it's a very good style for summer.

  1. Notepad - I like to carry it so if I have a free moment I can work on my resume and accomplishment statements.
  2. When you are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris - I always carry a book, it's great for when you're waiting.
  3. Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs. Great go-tos.
  4. A sandwich - I don't always have a sandwich, I just do today. It's homemade roasted veggie with black olive tapenade, goat cheese and alfalfa sprouts. I am excited.
  5. Touch up bag - wouldn't you like to know what's in there?
  6. Black Marker pen - for headings.
  7. Bic fine tip pen - for notes.
  8. Tide to go - because I'm messy like that.
  9. Altoids - the curiously strong mint.
  10. Sony Cybershot Camera - just in case the moment warrants it.
  11. My wallet - complete with VISA, ID and everything in-between.
  12. Car keys and house keys - believe it or not, these don't always make it in :S
  13. Aveeno Face Sunscreen - because I'm safe like that.
  14. Flash Drive - I feel weird without one.
  15. Elastic band and bobby pins - great back up in case it rains... now if only I could learn some cool up-dos.
  16. B.Kamins Lip Balm - it's balmy.
  17. Sidekicks - flats in a bag.
  18. Cardigan - because I do not enjoy being cold.
  19. Ear buds - so I can pretend to listen to music while eavesdropping when I'm bored.. not really - maybe sometimes..
  20. My watch - it needs a few links removed so I carry it with me in case the opportunity arises.

Overall I think my bag says a few key things about me:
I like to be prepared for a variety of outcomes.
I like to be comfortable.
I like to stay busy.
I like to eat sandwiches.

One item noticeable missing from this array is my phone. Usually my phone does find a nice little spot within my bag but this, this is no bag - it is a bottomless pit that eats phones. So, when toting this bottomless pit around I like to keep my phone in my pocket and avoid embarrassing, cat-ladyesq behaviour when trying not to miss a call.

Hey, look at that - It all fits!


  1. It's always so interesting to see what other people like to carry with them. The contents of my bag seem a little boring compared to yours haha!

  2. I just finished that David Sedaris book last month. He's super funny :)
    Also your sandwich sound delicious.

  3. I like to keep a book and notebook/notepad in my bag as well!

  4. What do you think about the Sidekicks flats? I've been looking for a good pair.

  5. Yes, share! I'm interested, too.

  6. I haven't owned any other pairs of roll-up flats so I cannot compare, but I will say that they've been pretty good to me so far! The first night I wore them the elastic dug in a little on my heel but didn't give me blisters or anything. I've worn them twice for about 5 hours each time and they're still holding up great… hmmm did I miss anything??

  7. It's so great to be able to know you have paper on you.. that sounds odd but I'm sure you know what I mean :)

  8. worst thing?? I put my sandwich in the fridge after taking photos to keep it fresh and then FORGOT it at home :( and then my boyf ate it. no sandwich for sorren.

  9. No way! I would love to see what's in your bag. Honestly, I thought my bag was a little dull and thought about throwing in my bracelets to spice it up... obviously bracelets aren't that exciting and wouldn't have done much but you get the point

  10. Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses :) I especially adore how you organized and photographed your contents! The numbering graphic makes it so much easier to follow <3

  11. What a fun post. Looks super organized to me. All my bags are phone eaters so I get that big time. Love what your bag says about you. Cinnamon Altoids? The best.

  12. I love this bag Sorren! Cream colored pattern: yes please!

    I adore that you sandwiches is part of the post, it's my favorite item in your bag... I must be hungry because I should be loving these little flats even more (fabu idea)!

    Virginie ♥


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