Monday, July 28

lust list :: Sneakers

Since moving to Toronto I've been walking a lot more, a lot more. I live an hour away from the office and with Jack still in Montreal for a couple months I found it was a good way to kill some of my sudden and ample me-time.

Lately I've been noticing all my high-impact walking (yeah, that's right, it's gotten serious) is taking a toll on my bod, specifically my poor knees. As cute as my chucks, keds and favourite comfy flats are, they don't really do the trick when pounding the pavement 2 hours a day. I love my cute sneaker collection, I truly do, so I'm looking at this as an opportunity to branch out and get more sweet kicks in the closet.

New Balance 420 [similar] | New Balance 410 [similar] | Roshe Run Nike [similar]
New Balance 420 | Nike Victoria [similar]

Clearly I've already developed an affinity for a couple brands... and styles, but I still can't quite nail it down. Also, I did not have an easy time tracking down these actual styles online. I may have missed the boat on these styles but it doesn't stop me from loving them! If I track down the exact thing, I'll be sure to share the link! Have you stumbled upon any I've missed? What sporty sneaks have got you swooning?


  1. I can't say I'm a sneaker person, but I love the sleek, minimal styles you picked along with the ones printed ones.

  2. I've been wanting those New Balance runners for a while and can't seem to find them.

  3. Woah girl, you walk to work an hour each way? Good for you! You're definitely getting some cardio in LOL. I get so lazy when it comes to work - I'd rather sleep in more haha. You have to do what's most comfortable for you - you don't want to injure yourself! Cute sneakers - I'm liking the grey Nike ones.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

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  5. Love these sneakers, and I think 1st type will be suit with my new bag luxury bag

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