Thursday, May 22

LIFE LATELY :: Birthdays. New York. Reality.

Goodness gracious it's been a while! I knew these last couple weeks were going to be busy but I never expected a whirlwind!

If you follow me on instagram you'll know I was whisked away to New York for my big three-oh! Jack was so sneaky planning the entire trip, keeping it a secret AND even including a fake-out in Albany. It was absolutely lovely. We managed to squeeze in so much so I'll just share few of my favourite moments... although I couldn't help myself so I did make a little flipagram with all my snaps.

THE surprise! // New York from Williamsburg flea // intermission at Matilda on Broadway // summer-esq outfit snap // sustenance // brooklyn for brooklyn-sake // Central Park boathouse // photo-bombing a selfie? // classics

We lucked out and had gorgeous, summery weather with only a touch of rain (slash a small hurricane) while grabbing ice cream at Fulton Ferry Pier in DUMBO. We didn't get to many actual sights, instead opting for neighbourhood to neighbourhood eating & exploring. No lines, full bellies, can't lose. We even perfected the perfect daily travel schedule:

leave hotel by 10am >> neighbourhood of choice >> breakfast >>
explore >> snack >> explore/neighbourhood hop 
hotel by 7 >> nap until 9 >> get dolled up >> head out for dinner >> home by 2

If I could, I would live in those four days on repeat. I'd meant to snap more outfit photos while as part of the itinerary but truth be told our camera is heavy and I chose life & an iPhone. We'll all just have to wait for summer so I can share all my fun outfits - don't worry though, they're worth wearing on repeat! Upon arriving home I immediately hopped on a plane to Toronto for a week with my new team and we've been packing ever since my return. May is a big one. My posting may be spotty for the next couple weeks but I cannot wait to share our new adventure!

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  1. It looks like you had a great trip! The Brooklyn flea is amazing!! Did you score anything fun? Food is definitely the way to go when exploring a new city. Happy belated :)

  2. Looks like such a great trip! I really want to do a NY trip this fall!

    Happy Friday!



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