Thursday, March 27

lust list :: Spring 2014

I'm not sure whether I shared this with you but I put myself on a clothing spend freeze from January until March. I chose to do this after picking up so many lovely pieces in Boston and on my trip home over the holidays. I wanted to make sure I really wore the clothes I had been investing in rather than getting wrapped up in buying all of the new, pretty shiny things.

The verdict? I did VERY well. Only breaking twice! Once for comfy cool pjs from the Gap (75% off) and once for a Joe Fresh Breton stripe to replace last years breton who lost a fight with a purple bottle of polish. i. am. clumsy.

Breton Stripe dress | Grey Pullover | Jean Jacket | Light Pink Skinnies | Structured tote | Cheetah kicks | New Rain boots
Mint Crossbody bag | watch | bracelets 1, 2 | mint chucks
Tortoise Shell sunnies | Spring polish 1, 2, 3

This weekend, we are heading to Boston... again! We loved it so much in December and it definitely needed another weekend of exploring. Why not, right? To top it off, this weekend will mark the end of my spending moratorium - perfect timing, considering my growing spring wish list. Throw in a forecast of a balmy 10 degrees and I'm in heaven.

What's on your spring wish list?


  1. Those mint Chucks are too cute! I really want a pair for myself but can't decide on a color!

  2. where do you go shopping in Boston? I work there a few times a month but haven't really had time to explore.

  3. I have the same Chucks! And I bought them in Boston - well, Wrenthem. I wore them sightseeing around Boston and they were beyond comfy all day, even brand new. Joe Fresh has pink skinnies right now - have you seen them? I get a lot of wear out of my cheetah Keds. Your wish list could have been made by me - I love everything you chose! Have a fantastic trip :)


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