Tuesday, December 10

weekend recap

Friday night :: reunion with Candice
Lowe's Christmas market :: thank you to the lovely Candice for the recommendation! 
Saturday night :: Kids in the Hall, Dinner at the Black Hoof (incredible!)
Sunday morning :: Brunch at Table 17
Sunday afternoon :: #cronenbergevolution - inspiring

I wish I could say I snapped oh-so-many wonderfully, sweet photos while exploring Toronto but baby, it's cold outside, and my favourite lens is a manual. Instead I took the time to (mostly) focus on enjoying what was in front me and make use of my trusty iPhone point and shoot. We had so much fun exploring different neighbourhoods and even made it to Kensington Market although, there is no photographic evidence due to high winds and a low tolerance to the cold. Our pre-Christmas trip was a perfectly smooth getaway - exactly what we needed to kick-start December!



  1. Aw! So nice that you & Candice met up!! Wish we could all have a reunion!

  2. You & your man are the best dates ever! Loved our little reunion, and looking forward to (hopefully!) seeing you soon in Montreal in the new year. So happy you went to the Christmas market too! XO


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