Monday, November 18

Swooning for Sanctuary

// 1. Laser Vegan Swet in white, Vegan Waistband Jogger in black // 2. Muscle T in white, Blogger Skirt in black 
// 3. Breeze Tee in white, Moto Queen in white // 4. Leather Motocross Jacket in17 pink, Lace Me Up Tank in white, Adventure Short in white
 // 5. Mesh Crew in black, Track Skirt in Kaleidoscope Print // 6. Mesh Swet in white, Linen Surf Short in white

I stumbled across some news that Sanctuary will be available across Canada as of Spring 2014! For my readers in Canada - join me in being very happy about this development. For my readers in the states, feel free to congratulate us on this great news - we're very happy. If you are not familiar, Sanctuary is a lifestyle brand from Los Angeles focusing on a modern approach to vintage styling. My favourite aspect of their pieces is how well each can be styled both casually and dressy. 

Since the above pieces are not yet available, and definitely not weather appropriate for the next couple months, here are a couple of my current, season appropriate swoons.

Boucle Dress | Tapestry Shirt Dress | Vegan Sleeve Sweater Dress

Easy Norma Tunic | Charmer Coated Metallic Denim | Vegan Sleeve Sweater


  1. Cute stuff. Loving that sweater dress especially.


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