Tuesday, August 20

Hidden Gems

french connection blazer | LovelyGirl blouse | Talula shorts [similar] | nude pumps [similar] | vintage clutch

Some days I just don't have the lady balls to take outfit shots in public. I'm a shy, introvert of a girl at heart and the thought of standing exposed to passers-by can, at times, be a little more than I can muster. Unfortunately these fits of timid don't understand the inconvenience when they occur on a particularly stylish day. On these days I tend to hide behind churches, schools and other public buildings with nooks, crannies and empty parking lots. Today's post was made possible by one lovely little neighbourhood church.


  1. Go lady balls! You rocked it! I always take my own photos. Oddly enough, I feel weird when someone else takes them! I love your shorts and this great look was totally worthy of taking the plunge!

  2. i love secluded places. i can't ever do a busy city street without blushing and taking terrible photos
    kw ladies in navy

  3. I'm the same way! My boyfriend (photographer) and I usually just stick to parts of our neighborhood which are pretty dead during the day but I feel much better about taking pics in public if he's taking the pictures as opposed to taking them myself with a tripod!

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  4. I have having a hard time taking them downtown at my new place, and I don't have many people around to help. It's annoying, so when I come back to my parents I bring outfits and do it then ;)


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