Thursday, July 4

Effortlessly Office

GAP sweater | Joe Fresh printed pants | Kenneth Cole wedges [similar] | Longchamps bag

As much as I love dresses [and the internet knows I do] sometimes I just need to switch it up. I actually own quite a few pairs of slacks but they just don't feel the way a dress does. A dress makes you feel effortlessly pretty, put together and comfortable. Slacks, well, choose the wrong top and you go from sharp to frump in under 2 seconds. and honestly, I have enough trouble pushing myself out the door to throw styling tops & bottoms into the mix.

These pants though... these pants make me feel like a dress does. AND because they're doing all the heavy lifting with that killer pattern all I have to do is grab one of my many black or white tops and toss it on. easy. peasy. 

oh! and, of course.....

* * * * * *
H a p p y   4 t h   o f   J u l y
(or as known in my house... the day before Jack's birthday :P)

to all my friends to the south.
Hope you have a lovely, relaxing, fun day filled with family, friends and tasty treats!

* * * * * *


  1. Lovely! Loving the pants on you and really love that you've paired them with loafer wedges (I just love loafers!). Super cute tote as well!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. Hope you're having a great holiday! I love your new haircut and those pants too!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  3. I was just complimenting Audrey at PMT on those same pants! They are just subtle enough with the neutral colors that I maaaaaaaay be able to pull it off. You look flawless lady!

    Exploring My Style

  4. Those pants are just freakin' awesome!! Love them. You are rockin' them.

  5. Sorren this is SO the kind of outfit I've been rocking lately! I love those shoes tho! I must find a similar pair they look SUPER comfortable.



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