Tuesday, June 4

exciting VS lazy

pink martini dress [last season] | BB Dakota trench | American Apparel belt | zara flats 

As you are all well aware, my ability to post in a timely fashion is a little under-developed. It's not that I don't want to share all the exciting things going on, or outfits I'm wearing to the exciting things it's just that, well, there are exciting things to do! Annnnnnd there's also that part where I'm forgetful and slightly lazy, but only because of my love of sleep and TV [Mad Men? Game of Thrones? Arrested Development? guuuuys, when did TV get SO darn good!?]. Okay... so maybe I'm lazier than I thought but so what? At least I got dressed on my birthday - there's proof of it right. up. there.


  1. Hey,
    amazing outfit. Suits you so good.


  2. You look great. Love the soft tones of your dress.

  3. First off, happy birthday Sorren! I hope it was wonderful. I am in love with this dress and your style! You seriously have all of the best dresses!! xo


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