Monday, May 27

Event Wear

Stop Staring frock [similar] | Club Monaco belt [similar] | Matt & Nat clutch | Nine West peep toes [similar]

In the last month I have organized a regional annual event for my company and acted as wedding coordinator for a coworker! Both required a lot of time, planning, nail biting, coordinating, managing and fretting but I thoroughly enjoyed them both immensely. There's just something wonderful about working on a project from concept to realization. Planning all the details and logistics, problem solving, working late nights and finally, seeing all that hard work in action... and then working a little harder during the event, and after. It's just oh-so-magical. sigh I truly love it. I am definitely considering a new career focus.

In any case, this trusty frock was my go-to in both instances. It's professional, clean and elegant - everything I want when I don't have time to worry. No layers bunching, collars wilting or skirts wrinkling. Simple, easy, done. lovely.


  1. You know, I have been really wanting to get more chic and elegant dresses like this. They are professional but also very sophisticated looking. You inspired me to go for it! LOL. You look beautiful Sorren. So cool how you got to plan a wedding!! xo

  2. That dress was meant for you! You look gorgeous in it!

  3. LOVE your dress. Such a great colour and cut on you!

  4. What a great, springy, feminine dress! Having a go-to dress makes all the difference.

  5. This dress is just perfect on you. I covet!

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  7. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. So elegant, classy and it looks fabulous on you!


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