Wednesday, February 20

Wedding Wednesday :: The Menu

At times, I cannot help but wish to be transported back to August 18, 2012 so we could do it all over again. One reason for this is to have another go and the amazing spread our friend, and chef, Andrew prepared. It. was. appalling. The shame of it all was we barely got to have bite once in the barn for the reception. I suppose it was fate that the rain stranded us in the kitchen allowing for a fifteen minute, private tasting slash full blown face-stuffing sesh.

As the photos speak for themselves, I have no more words. 

roasted veggie sandwiches

Cup o' Beef

chef extraordinaire, Andrew!

Pesto Pasta Salad

[open-face meatloaf sandwiches in front]



  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are just too cute..especially the first one! hehe xo


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