Monday, December 10

mmmMonday: BEST chili EVER

Oh chili, you delicious, un-photogenic winter favourite. I always knew I loved chili. I hadn't found the perfect recipe, but I knew I loved it and I knew I would. Finally, this last fall Jack did something genius - he looked up chili on our favourite go-to recipe website, food52. We made the first one he found and I don't think we'll ever make another - this one is just too friggin good. Seriously. I don't even know how to describe it..

The full recipe can be found here, so I'll let it do most of the talking. The jist of it is: many ingredients, simple process. Different types of meat in one dish freaks me out so I omitted the sirloin. For those of you who can deal with it, enjoy. I bet it'll be delicious. Please forgive my lack of words today. I had a busy weekend and my brain is currently fried so I will let the photos and the original recipes do the talking.

playing with oil... like you do
meat and onions first
beer, coffee, beef bouillon, tomato paste & tomatoes
Spices, sugar, sriracha [we used instead of chili sauce], chipotle, beans & veggies
We only used a quarter of the sugar it calls for, and we like to use Sriracha because Jack is, for all intensive purposes, addicted to the stuff. He uses it on EVERYTHING. SO when it makes sense to throw it in, I like to take advantage of the opportunity. Luckily, it just so happens that it is an amazing addition to this chili. What's your favourite part of chili?


  1. I have yet to make chili in my crock pot this winter so far! I think since it's so warm that's probably why! Might have to try this out though :)


  2. Chili with avocado? Genius. Pure genius. I like to put mine over rive with corn chip and sour cream. It's a feast.

  3. mmmm! the best chili that T ever made had beer & coffee in it too, that must be the secret!


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  5. it's for all intents and purposes not intensive purposes haha

  6. wow I'm going to make this beer AND coffee? wow winning combo! I'll sub in ground chicken but it should be fine!



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