Friday, November 9


Vero Moda jacket [similar] | Club Monaco blazer [similar] | Club Monaco blouse [similar] | H&M skirt [similar]
Nine West booties [similar] | Matt & Nat bag [similar

Remember when I said I would find a way to wear this outfit non-stop? Well, I'm halfway there. When I first murmured those words though, I didn't expect it would be the black on black combo that would reappear first. Not that I don't like it, it's just I am slightly obsessed with the burgundy lace friendship that has blossomed. But here we are, and I'm fine with it.

I love how much of a punch this skirt packs when contrasted against an otherwise all black outfit. I tell ya' this guy is a keeper. Sometimes I send it love notes and flowers just to make sure it knows how much I care. You've gotta do little stuff like that when you've got something real special you want to hold on to. That and, keep it locked up where nobody can get to it... obviously.


  1. OMG it is totally red pencil skirt day! I wore one and I have seen two other bloggers wearing them. I love this version on you! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love this outfit or outfits kind of? that punch of red is gorgeous with the black :)

  3. That IS a fabulous skirt! Perfect for the holidays too.... hmm... maybe I need one.

  4. I am in love with that Vero Moda jacket. You can go ahead and mail it to me!! LOL just kidding. You look great!! Love the whole outfit!!!

  5. I love the red skirt on you! Looks great with the black.

    xo Ashley

  6. You look soooooo GORGEOUS in all of these photos!!! You have some amazing legs too!!!!!


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