Monday, October 8

mmmMonday: Smoked Salmon Salad

I got a lot of feedback the other day about an instagram of a healthy dinner Jack and I made and I thought well, sheeeeit this will be an awesome post to kick off my mmmmmMondays*

Eating healthy is important to me, and something I strive for on a daily basis**. I don't tend to talk about it much though because who likes listening to some chick with a blog explanabrag about all the things she thinks she's doing right? Exactly. No one. I mean we barely tolerate that behavior from friends and family***. Besides, I like to focus on the deliciousness of food. Healthy or not all that matters to me is how good it tastes. 
This salad was dreamt up as a byproduct of a nearly empty fridge. We had smoked salmon and then picked out the veggies that usually taste best with it. 
Smoked salmon
Red pepper
Orange pepper
Red onions
Yellow pepper
I was inspired to chop everything up extra tiny because I'd never had smoked salmon on a salad and was turned off by the traditional salad-with-choice-of-protein rules - chunks of this fish on a pile of veggie chunks. Don't why, thought made me gag. So small veggies it is!
For the dressing, jack googled "smoked salmon salad" and we whipped up the first one we had the ingredients for and would complement our veggie choices. There's an old saying in my family, "when in doubt, go for tablespoons". Throw a tablespoon of each of the below into a processor and mix - except the salt and pepper, only use a dash of those!
Since salad as a meal rarely fills either of us up in any significant way, we made a nice little side of navy beans. It kind of slipped our minds to take photos of the in-between parts but this is essentially the process. We began with a tablespoon of coconut oil in a frying pan, added diced garlic and onions to sauté, and then tossed in the rest; a can of navy beans, quarter cup of chopped artichoke heats and teaspoon of red chilli flakes. Then you cook everything until it's crispy and delicious. 


*same as what I ate Wednesdays and food Fridays but now on Mondays! 
**This may be hard to believe because of all my sugar inspired food porn but I swears it! 
***Oh that's very uninteresting please tell me more about the hours you spent at the gym
****brag brag brag brag


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