Tuesday, October 2

DIY Peplum

kersh top [similar] | Club Monaco skirt [similar] | le Chateau peep toes [similar] | belt [similar] | Matt&Nat clutch [similar]

It has begun. The days are shortening and I’m losing light. It’s been so easy to snap a few post-work-day photos on my way home but it looks like I need a new strategy. A fresh, non-grainy strategy …unless of course you’re a fan of the grainy, twilight, I may get eaten-by/fall-in-love-with-a vampire-feel these photos have going on. In which case, the only thing I’m going to have to worry about in the coming months is the crippling cold and a jealous husband.


  1. Nice idea for instant peplum! Might try this one soon!


  2. Great idea with a peplum! Definitely have to try that


  3. Very cute look! I'm noticing the lack of daylight is affecting my posts too so I've started to save all my outfits and re-snap on weekends. It's not fun, but it's the only way it works for me.

  4. Your hair looks so pretty! and the earlier dusk is totally ruining my after-work photo taking as well :(

  5. It is a bit of a bummer that the days are shortening so there's less sunlight in the evenings, but I like the look of your photos. DIY peplum is just as good as real peplum in my opinion.

  6. lol re: light.... so true i have noticed it starting already!
    and how cleaver are you to figure out DIY peplum! ;)


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