Tuesday, September 25

Effortlessly Edgy

Teaberry bomber [similar] | Jacob blouse [similar] | Gentle Fawn lace shorts [similar] | dolce vita booties c/o Little Burgundy | Longchamps bag

For nearly a month I have been awaiting an Indian summer. Last weekend, with time dwindling and temperatures falling, I got impatient. I made my own Indian summer... sort of. I dressed in shorts and a sleeveless blouse, quickly adding a light spring bomber after testing the air from my balcony. There was a chill - an unwavering, definite chill. I learnt my lesson. Summer isn’t here anymore, fall is. And fall likes tights.

During the summer, Little Burgundy got in touch to let me know that they were opening a store in Halifax Shopping Centre. There are few things I like more than a new store opening in my city – especially when said store has been on my radar for a while – but their offer to scope it out with a mini shopping adventure trumped it! I am so IN LOVE with these dv booties I try to include them in every outfit! Hopefully my shopping ban is lifted soon so I can go back in and pick up my other favourites [1, 2, 3]… swoon

Halifax store Grand Opening

Since I had already moved by the time they had their big Grand Opening soiree, I got a couple snapshots from those lucky enough to attend! It looked like a ton of fun and I have to admit, I’m completely obsessed with their pop-up store.


  1. Aw, I love the pair you picked! They are such a gorgeous basic bootie! And I have to mention how KILLER your legs look in that first photo! Wowza! I'm also with you on those MK boots (on your other favorites list) - they are on mine as well! Swoon indeed!

  2. Gosh I love those shoes!! They're pretty amazing.

  3. I love those boots! I don't think they have them at the Halifax location :(


  4. you look so freakin' COOL here! those boots are awesome!

    dash dot dotty

  5. LOVE those boots. Great with that outfit to! x

  6. I love those boots and your look ! x

  7. Classic rocker chic Sorren. And yay for more outfits with the lace shorts!

  8. Love that you paired the lace boots with the ankle boots. Are you back in Halifax right now or in Montreal?

  9. Your boots are so cute! They are perfect for this time of year and look great with your shorts, jacket and bag.

  10. Très jolie ce p'tit look :)


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