Friday, September 7


lush dress | Steve Madden wedges | CheekyChops Butter London and Turquoise & Caicos polish  

When . Wednesday, August 15th 
What . My bachelorette party - I was lucky, it was fancy dress!
Weather . Gorgeous day and evening, warm night

Today we took a BIG step forward with our life here in Montreal. Today, we got out our internet installed. It's been pretty rough these past couple of days. Between cafe hoping and relying on my 3G, I've felt pretty hobo-esq. Yep, it's been completely mid-century in our neck of the woods but at least we're done with roughing it. Just in time too, running netflix on my iPhone has been killing my data plan. 

In the couple weeks leading up to the wedding, Jack and I were swamped - beyond belief. I couldn't even fit in an hour to shop for a bachelorette party dress. Honestly, I didn't think this was necessary until everyone started telling me about the new dresses they got for the big night and I got the bug. Luckily, on the day of my bachelorette, squeezed in the hour between Jack's haircut and my trial up-do, I got to shop. The minute I tried on this little ditty I knew I was done. It was flirty, fun, polka-dotted, on sale for $30 AND my hour was up - obviously it was fate. 

Since it's unfair to only capture my pre-party glory, below are a couple snap shots of the evening :)

Pinterest style jello shots + Party beginnings at the hotel + My speciality drink - the sparkling Sorren - at our first stop, a dessert bar! + friends
+ desserts + glasses + me after a tumble + snacks to prevent another tumble + great friends + something fishy[?] + my relentless sisters
= one. amazing. night.


  1. very cute look! love all the polka dots.

  2. Stunning outfit, you look gorgeous doll:) xx

  3. You look amazing, Sorren! Like always. I think thats my comment for every single one of your posts :)

    And is this the first time I've seen you wear heels? I really don't recall you wearing shoes so tall! Ok, it's probably not. but your legs look so loooooooong

  4. Love your dress lady! You can never go wrong with a pop of color and polka dots. Looks like you had lots of fun!

  5. aww thank you, kimmie! You are the sweetest and you are also RIGHT! I barely ever wear heels - why would I when flats are just so much better!? These ones were monstrous and I just looked so nice with the dress that I had to attempt them... I lasted until after the dessert bar and then changed into my flats for dancing!

  6. It was SO much fun. Seriously, I would go re-live every pre-wedding moment in a minute if I could.

  7. Thanks!! I totally fell head over heels the minute I saw this dress

  8. love this outfit!! it is SO cute!! ps: you are brave to sport such a flowy dress haha :) hope you had fun girlie.


  9. That dress is SO cute! I'm a big fan of polka dots. Your Bachelorette Party looked like a lot of fun :)

  10. Congratulations! Beautiful dresss! Hope you had a blast :)
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  11. Sweet deal on that dress! Looks like you ladies had a ton of fun at your bachelorette party :D

  12. I never find perfect dresses on last minute shopping trips. Totally jealous


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