Wednesday, July 4

Wedding Wednesday :: We Designed a Stamp!!!

Sure some other things have happened* but WE BOUGHT A STAMP and I honestly could not be more excited! I am excited to stamp our napkins, stamp our favours, stamp the thank you cards and stamp our guests [Jack says no, but I'm prettttty sure they'll be just as excited to get stamped as I will be to stamp them].

Once Jack made the little J&S emblem for our website the rest was gravy. And at under $30, how could we not!? So get ready folks ...I have an ink pad and I am EXCITED!

*1.The backyard looks a-MAH-zing [more to come on this] | 2. We filled out our marriage certificate | 3. We had a tasting with our wonderful chef [sorry, I did not save you a bite] | 4. I had my first dress fitting [it was pretty much just a sheet of fabric] | 5. We bought our wedding shoes | there's more, I just cannot remember amidst the stamp excitement


  1. SO adorable!!! I love this! Where did you get your stamp? and how did you create it?
    lots of love

  2. That stamp is AMAZING! I love it - what a unique creative touch :)

  3. amazing stamp! Very creative :) xxx


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