Monday, July 23

Music Monday

Windom Earle - Kitten vs Pegasus

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was jam-packed. I had my third dress fitting Friday evening in my hometown, drove back to Halifax that night so I could wake up bright and early for MotionBall and then booked it to Evolve that evening so Jack and I could get some footage for our short documentary Even If It Kills. We arrived home Sunday bright and early, with the sunrise so the afternoon was spent by the lake - tough life.

This is the first year I went to Evolve and I gotta say, I loved it. We arrived at 7pm and left at 3:30am so I didn't experience the tenting-side but seeing Woodhands, Windom EarleDan Deacon and our guy, eviCtion, was pretty awesome. Also, it's super easy to stay up for 22 hours straight when you've got a music festival to distract you. 

Only bummer of the weekend? I injured myself [small concussion & whiplash ?!] within the first 15 minutes of motionball... further proof that I should not be playing team sports. Looks like I'll be sticking to "safe" hobbies like blogging from now on.

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