Monday, July 9

Mish Mash - A Weekend of Birthday Celebration!

As you know, Jack's birthday was last Thursday, July 5th. I love birthdays. They are the best. They are better than Christmas. There is nothing better than celebrating a birthday, especially when it belongs to someone you adore. SO. I stretched Jack's birthday as long as I could manage resulting in celebrations Thursday through Sunday. It was wonderful! We had so much fun. Thank you to our amazing and wonderful families for sharing the weekend and helping me make it a birthday to remember!

July 5th, morning - open gifts!
July 5th, afternoon - surprise, there's another gift!
July 5th, evening - a delicious five course birthday meal at Coastal at Night

July 6th - family birthday dinner & gifts at Mexico Lindos

July 7th - birthday shindig complete with neckties, friends, cocktails and an AMAZING Chai birthday cake, with French Vanilla Cardamom custard and White Chocolate Cream cheese icing from the GORGEOUS Gateaux Rose

July 8th - birthday lunch with my family i.e. more cake [raspberry & pistachio] and gifts

July 9th - leftover cake for breakfast


  1. That's one heck of a lot of cake! I hope you had a wonderful birthday - sounds like you had a ton of fun. I love your little outfits laid out for your big nights out. So cute!

  2. What a lucky guy! Happy birthday to jack! And that cake... Yum!


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