Monday, April 9

Music Monday

Tennis: Deep in the Woods

I like to listen to these guys and pretend that I am a beach bum with a trust fund... they're the best.


  1. GAH. Sorren, you are seriously my music twin! 

    I have a dilemma... Tennis is playing in Seattle on the same night as M83. What to do?

  2. oh my god. I wish I had that dilemma but maybe someday soon I will [Montreal will be MUCH better for bigger shows than Halifax]!

    Anyway, the minute I read that my heart screamed M83! I love them both but I would definitely choose M83 because I think the vibe would be a lot more upbeat and personally, no matter how much I may love a band, the more chill they are the more I want to ditch the show and head for my comforter.


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