Friday, April 27

East Coast Fashion Bloggers: unleashed!

I apologize for interrupting my regularly scheduled Food Friday post [it seems this has been the week of interruptions..] but I have a very exciting event I wanted to share with you!

For a little over two months now Jess and Erin of Haute Halifax, Kayla of Shorts Presents and I have been working our hardest to plan an event that will bring fashion bloggers from across Canada's East Coast together for a weekend to meet, mingle, chat and learn from each other [I even designed our logo!].

and now it's finally here! All our hard work has finally come to fruition - I am SO excited! We have a bunch of great sponsors and a great bunch of girls on the way. This last week has been a little intense as we have been finalizing all the last minute details [today, I may have even momentarily spaced on that fact that I was even aware of this event... no lie. As I said - it's been a longgg week.] but it has been amazing all the same. SO stay tuned.. because next will I may be interrupting regular posts again to share how it all went down !!

**ECFB attendees: We will be making this graphic available so anyone can use it. Keep an eye out for it on our blog & FB group


  1. SOOOO Excited!!!
    See you TONIGHT! 

  2. Oooh this is so exciting! I wish I could come :( 

  3. So glad I could make it, even if was only for a bit! I will definitely be keeping the generic logo on my side bar and can't wait to plan a future ECFB conference in Saint John! I think the feeling is mutual for Candace and Barb- we chatted about it on the way home and there are so many ideas. Lovely to meet you in person, Sorren!

  4. It was a ton of fun! When I move to Montreal we should definitely see if we can pull something similar together...

  5. Hurrah!! I cannot wait until the next one! I'm so glad you girls came up for the night and the conference portion. Did you girls get any good finds from H&M??

  6. I like your blog so much!!! Simple but nice ;)
    I love your outfit from last post. I'm a follower and I hope you will follow me back :*

  7. This sounds so exciting =) your blog is lovely ! I wish I could join you but I am in Italy, hehe ! Kisses

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  8. I can't wait to see your posts from the meet up!! Your tweets on the weekend made me wish I lived in the east coast!

  9. The clothing selection (materials and colors) looked sooo pretty on the racks in store- there was ALOT to sort through, but in the end it was a little disappointing. None of us bought much there. For me, once I put some potential pieces on, they either didn't fit well or the material looked cheaper than usual for H&M clothing. But I did leave with a pair of peach cropped pants for work and a cute pair of coral sweats for lounging in! 

    I'm so glad we came too! I kept an eye on all the tweets and instagrams after our departure and would have loved to have been able to stay for the whole weekend! Next time I won't miss a beat! :)


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