Wednesday, March 14

Wedding Wednesday :: Invitation Paper

To me, the invitations are one of the top 3 exciting things about this wedding! [The other two being; marrying Jack and wearing my soon-to-be-made, most-definitely beautiful, wedding dress.]

Even before I even began thinking about the dress, my mind was chalk full of invitation ideas. I couldn't help it, and neither could Jack; I think the designer in each of us was excited for this very new, very important project. Although we're both super excited, we still have yet to put pen to paper. There are so many different avenues to take and so many styles to explore. It's also very important to me to ensure we are on the same page with the style and execution of the invite - though, I must admit, I feel as though I may be nudging him towards my preferences...

Some of the major invitation-related questions include: 
  • What should the style be? font-based or use of imagery?  
  • Should we screen print or go to a printer?  
  • How should we work in the wedding colours?  
  • Oh NO! We need to decide on our wedding colours!! Eff. We totally need to settle on an accent colour - what should it be!?? [foreshadowing for next week's post]  
  • What colour paper should we use?  
  • What weight of card stock is best for us?  
  • What shape and size do we want??

In the next week or so we will iron out the design and execution details. For now, I'm just super excited because we have finally settled on the paper we will use [although the jury is still out on size and shape.] Luckily, my ideal card stock is DRUMROLL, PLEASE...

...straight-up cardboard! Yup. No lie. 55 cents a sheet. 55 cents for a GIANT sheet. So we can feel free to design and then slice it any which way! This also means that we will be screen printing instead of regular printing which is awesome! Who knew cardboard could be so exciting!? I can't wait to showcase the finished product...


  1. accent color suggestion = glow in the dark

  2. Oh. My. God. My jaw LITERALLY dropped when I read the word "cardboard." I freakin' love it! That's going to look so, so awesome when you get it all together. And so affordable...definitely going into my "remember these tips/tricks" folder for when I get married, haha!

  3. haha yayy!! I'm excited that people aren't like "oh, you mean your paper choice is garbage? you're a garbage man". Yup, I definitely like your reaction better than that. hah

  4. you look like fun. would you like to come over to do paper photo shoots with me? I would serve you lemonade and cup cakes...


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