Friday, March 2

Food Friday: Corn Chowder

This week on the menu I am dishing out Corn Chowder! Corn chowder is one of those meals that floats in and out of my life, never becoming a season mainstay but never fading out completely. When I was still in high school I had an AWESOME corn chowder recipe, but between moving out, going to university, going to a different university and settling in Halifax, I lost it. I know, right? Get your shit together, Sorren; it's not that difficult to hang on to a recipe. But alas, apparently for me, it is. 

Luckily, I have a little friend named: food52. So when I realized that I had a surplus of corn on hand I paid my friend a little visit.

After perusing all the mouth-watering corn chowder recipes, and comparing their ingredients to what I had on hand, I settled on one - this one. I liked that it was a non-traditional chowder, light on the cream and butter. Also, the only ingredient I needed to pick up was lemongrass - which I scoured the grocery store for and promptly dropped. By the time I got to the checkout with my pile of snacks, sale candy, jewelry and patterned tights [a story for another time... slash exactly what happens during every visit to Superstore], I had completely forgotten why I was there. 

This recipe is super simple to make and is definitely the healthiest "chowder" I've ever had. Basically, chop your veg, sautee, pour in your stock, don't loose your lemongrass, and let simmer. I definitely plan on making this again, although I may attempt a different recipe if I've got a hankering for chowder. 

If you're not up for such a light corn chowder, add 1/4 cup milk instead of the tablespoon.
Even when using skim milk - it makes a huge difference.

Last minute I remembered that the whole reason we wanted to make corn chowder was 
to use up corn AND potatoes... so I added potatoes. 

Since I'm silly, I have yet to taste this recipe with lemongrass, 
however I'm sure it would be delicious.

Sorry this post is so short and doesn't outline much more than my lemongrass "adventure"
It's just really SUCH an easy recipe, there wasn't anything else to say.

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  1. Corn chowder is my favotite, but I'm appalled there's no bacon in this one. Maybe the lemongrass makes up for it? :)


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