Wednesday, November 2

What I ate: Simple Summer Pear Cake

This recipe could also be called "Simple Brunch Pear Cake" 
or "Simple High-tea Pear Cake" or "Simple Midnight Snack Pear Cake" 
because seriously, this cake is a social butterfly 
that can be taken anywhere and eaten at any time.

...although maybe don't show up at your friends' house for a midnight snack. 
You might scare them, especially if they  watched  just watched Paranormal Activity 
3 years ago  and are still a little jumpy. 
Best to stay at home with your cake and avoid any unpleasant taser-ings.

The original recipe, found on ol' trusty - food52 - called for peaches rather than pears.
However, when a gal buys a basket of pears because they look oh-so-pretty, 
she's got to get creative with how she uses them after a while.
So, pears it was. And it worked great.

Chop pears and then toss in sugar and nutmeg.
Only 2 tablespoons of sugar though - Jack got excited and mixed it with the full cup.
It was no fun rectifying that mistake.

Next, combine your wet ingredients.
Luckily today, I was NOT baking while tired (my version of My Drunk Kitchen), 
so this went relatively smoothly - no mishaps, no nonsense.

Mix the dry ingredients. 
Note: Almond flour does not sift well... don't waste your time.
It's annoying, should've known.
After, combine the wet and dry ingredients.

There's not much batter and it will usually just plop in the centre; 
be prepared to spread with a spatula. 

You've caught me. I use my hands while cooking and baking. 
Why not? It's easier. Also, it's more precise, and when you've got a slight case 
of the OCD like me, preciseness beats hygiene.
Although, I totally wash my hands first... but not in an OCD way.
My OCD focuses more on order and organization than germs and the like.

Back to the cake.

I like a lot of pears. I cut up wayyyy too many pears.
That being said, I definitely could have fit a few more pieces into this cake.

I started rambling, full recipe: here.

You can fit more pears in than you think you can.

Using only 3/4 cup sugar rather than the full cup would help brunch-i-fy this cake.

I find it usually needs an extra 5 - 10 minutes baking time in my oven.

It doesn't call for almond slivers, but they sure make it look fancy
...and taste good, obviously.


  1. Yum! Can you please come live in my kitchen?


  2. SORREN. you slay me with your What I Ate posts.

    I want some. please?

  3. It's ok I use my hands too (and have never watched Paranormal Activity because I know I would be too scared!) This looks absolutely delicious-mmm! Looking forward to the blogger clothing swap :)

  4. Okay it may have more to do with the fact that half my face is numb, but I am LITERALLY drooling over this recipe.  And dude cooking shows have totally put me on the hands bandwagon for all things kitchen.  The handswagon, if you will.

  5. I love that you get your hands dirty when cooking. My mom always said the bigger the best the better the food taste. She never taught us how to cook but I sure can clean up the mess! 
    I have to tell you, your food pictures always look so good. I have tried to take photos while cooking or baking but they always look awful. Is there a trick to it?

  6. Thanks so much! I think the key to taking good photos of food is lighting! Always make sure that the area where you're photographing is as bright as possible - I even bring other lamps from around my apartment to the kitchen to help brighten it. Also, photographing on white dishes really helps make the food like delicious. 

  7. heheh handswagon, amazing. This recipe is delicious, you should definitely cure that drool with some cake

  8. hurrayy! The what I ate posts are kind of my favourite. It's also keeps me always eating delicious food.


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