Wednesday, August 31

What I ate: Oma's Potato Salad

This potato salad recipe is not only incredibly easy to throw together, 
but it also uses wonderfully simple ingredients. 
Jack and I made this very last minute (1 hour prior) for a BBQ we were attending, 
and we still arrived [relatively] on time!

As with all circumstances in which we need a quick and delicious meal,
we clicked on over to food52 to discover what awaited us 
in their assortment of potato salad recipes.

At first glance, I was a little hesitant to commit to this recipe
I eyed the simplicity of ingredients and directions with suspicion and wary,
but Jack's heart was set on it, so I put aside my reservations.

We dove right in, boiling water for the potatoes and eggs
and prepping the parsley, onion and lemons.
As we moved down the list of recipe to-dos, we began to realize that 
the instructions were a little vague and subjective -
"bunch of parsley" "olive oil"
- causing us to slow down a little, tweak, and proceed with caution.

We changed very little, choosing to add less lemon and parsley initially
with the intention of including more if necessary - it was not.
When I first read the recipe, I was struck by the fact that there was no mayonnaise listed.
The amazing thing about the dressing (especially for a mayo-lover like myself)
is that you are essentially creating your own, from scratch -
AND it's not some tendinitis-inducing aioli.

Although it was touch and go for a bit, the potato salad turned out AMAZING.
Everyone at the BBQ loved it and even made space for seconds.

This is a VERY lemony recipe - and we only used three lemons.
Initially, we were both a little horrified with what we had created,
and what we were stuck bringing to the BBQ.
Once we had seasoned with salt and pepper and let the dish sit for half an hour,
the flavours really began to work together.
I warn anyone planning to make this to be cautious, beginning with the juice of two lemons,
adding more as needed, once everything has been combined.

A "bunch of parsley" is pretty subjective.
We used a third of our bunch and, as you can see, it went far.
I would start with a half cup of fresh, chopped parsley, 
adding more (if you'd like) once everything has been mixed together.

Olive Oil.
Doesn't say much, does it? 
I think we used about a quarter cup.
So start by mixing that much into the yolks and, if you think you need more,
proceed from there.

Dress it up.
Try adding some paprika for an edge, and to soften the lemon.
- OR -
Go carnivore and throw in chunks of thick, chopped bacon -
pancetta, if you're fancy.

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  1. Yum, I love potato salad - I'm going to have to try this. I'll call it Sorren Salad...thanks for sharing!


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