Sunday, June 26

What I ate: Pistachio and Blue Corn Tortilla Crusted Pork Chops

A few weeks ago Jack bought a coupon from Dealfind for nearly two hundred dollars worth of organic meat from True Organic. While we're still waiting on our fish portion of the order but the rest has come in and Jack is having a ball. Obviously the first thing we did was turn to food52 and see what sort of gems we could uncover. 

The Pistachio and Blue Corn Tortilla Crusted Pork Chop immediately caught Jack's eye on account of his insatiable taste for pistachios, and love of blue corn chips. One of the best parts of this recipe is the effortless prep time - seriously, crushing chips and nuts, easy peasy. I would recommend ensuring that your blue corn chips, pistachios or both, are salted. We were feeling particularly healthy on this day and made the mistake of going for the non-salted, it wasn't bad but you could tell something was missing.

With Jack doing the tough guy stuff over at the meat station, I worked on our sides: Quinoa salad and asparagus. The asparagus was easy, I just sauteed the stalks in butter for five minutes and then tossed some salt and pepper on top. For the quinoa salad I fell back to some choice ingredients that I have relied on in the past and know work well together. I didn't worry about any dressing since when the feta crumbles it coats the salad well enough to act as a one, although I did throw in a tablespoon of oil when the grain first came off the heat.


  1. That looks amazing! I'm going to need to make that sometime!

  2. This looks so awesome! Pistachios are my fave.


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