Friday, May 20

What I ate: Fish Tacos

There are many reasons to watch Law&Order. The gritty detective work and no-nonsense zingers, the fine-ass lawyering, the fact that it's on exactly 2364786 times a day and now, apparently, I can add "for food inspiration" to that list.

First, you saute red onions, green peppers and yellow peppers in sesame oil

Last week, Jack and I were watching Law and Order: LA (don't judge us) and a detective, or lawyer or something, was eating fish tacos and loving it. I paid no mind as I was way too wrapped up in the drama, but this fact stuck with Jack. He became completely enraptured with the idea of making them. 

Then chop up your fixins and set aside - it's good to be prepared. It also helps if you actually get cilantro and not parsley...

I, never having tried fish tacos before, thought the idea was slightly icky - something about it just didn't sit right with me. But, and this is a new thing I'm trying, I kept this thought to myself. I didn't even wrinkle my nose, scrunch my face and sputter an unconvincing "yeah, sure". I was mature… and it paid off.

Now cook the fish all delicate-like - we used tilapia

I'm not quite sure what made me so apprehensive to the idea of fish tacos to begin with - I'm not a picky eater, I like seafood, and I don't tend to cower at texture ( I honestly like everything about tofu) and yet, even up to the moment before my first bite, I worried. Then I scarfed, and scarfed again and I kept inhaling my delicious, delicious dinner until there was no more to be had.

Then you put it all together and what do you get? Why delicious tacos, of course!

I am a newly converted lover of fish tacos who cannot wait until we eat these next (in face I have designed next week's grocery list around them)! So if you are like me - or even if you are already acquainted with the joy that is fish tacos - try this recipe, it's amazing. Clearly, it is from food52 (surprise surprise) which means you will definitely not be disappointed*.
*This is not a guarantee - I do not want to be held liable for your taste buds… although I'm 99% sure that they will 
through me a party if you do try these out. Lawyered.

Jack and I also like to make fresh salsa we're addicted now that we know it's so easy. Take all those ingredients up there...
...put them in a bowl, and toss. voila!


  1. YUM! I love fish tacos and that recipe looks awesome. I have to ashamedly admit, we sometimes make fish tacos out of the big fish sticks. Hiding my face now... they are yummy, though.

  2. Mmm, that looks yummy! I might try it sometime :)

  3. Yum! This is totally on the agenda for this week!

  4. GENIUS. i get food inspiration from everything all the time. also i love law and order. a lot. also i missed your blog.


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