Tuesday, July 22

Polka Night

American Apparel polka dots | Talula shorts (similar) | French Connection sandals (similar)
RUDSAK clutch (similar) | Marc Jacobs watch 

This summer is an odd one. The back and forth between cool and sweltering has everyone confused and nobody acclimatized. It’s led to me having 3-4 blazers permanently left at my desk and a pair of shorts in my purse. My usual breadth of summer dresses work for the day but rarely do it for me when the sun goes down. I’ve started turning instead to shorts paired with warmer shirts to give me the dressed-up feeling, while keeping my teeth from chattering. This particular ensemble is most definitely on repeat and I don’t mind one bit... the weather on the other hand needs to check out a calendar stat.

♡ ♡ 


  1. It's great when you find an outfit you love and put it on repeat. This is such a great one. Loving the wedges. Hope you are settling well in Toronto!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  2. I am love, love, lovin' this one!! Might be a bit biased because of my personal love for monochrome, but your outfits are always my fav!


  3. This is a great one. It's incredible when you discover an outfit you adore and put it on rehash.
    black lace dresses


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