Wednesday, February 5


WithWendy infinity scarf | BCBG sweater [similar] | tunic [similar] | TopShop bottoms [similar] | Coach boots [similar]

February is the hardest of the winter months to get through. Christmas is long gone, winter has set in and, although spring is closer than it's ever been, the weather is at its coldest and the days their bleakest. I often hermit (yes, this is indeed a verb now) my way through February, resurfacing in March along with the first thaw. This year however, has been non-stop busy. My usual switch to indoor-cat has been foiled and I am rarely at home. What's getting me through? Hands down, this scarf. It's thick and warm, big and sturdy and offers my face exactly the shelter required to turtle-down (new verb no. 2) when the wind inevitably picks up. Whether I am work-fancy, or weekend-casual, this scarf has become a staple. The fact that it's made by the most lovely of people? That is a just a plus!


  1. I love this super chunky scarf on you!! It looks amazingly warm.
    matters of merrymaking

  2. Great outfit! I bought a pair of burgundy fleece leggings that look similar to yours last year - really nice colour! Also cool scarf, definitely looks good for blocking any wind & keeping warm for the winter

    Cachoo Joo

  3. Wow, that scarf is fabulous. Looks like it would be perfect for shielding from the wind. And I hear you on February... although it can't compare to the east coast it has been particularly cold here too.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. What a cute and cozy-looking scarf!

  5. this scarf is major awesome! I love it!! :):)



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