Monday, November 11

Laid Back Fall

lace sweatshirt [similar] | BB Dakota leather [similar] | Top Shop jeggings [similar] | DV boots [similar] | Matt & Nat bag

Jack and I packed our weekend full of errands, projects, yoga, brunching and concerts so keeping it comfortable was key to my survival. i.e. daytime was not a time for structure or constriction. No. Daytime was the time for almost pants, flats and sweatshirts and this combo did just fine. I spent Saturday in public, working hard and no one was none the wiser that as far as comfort went, I was still in my jammers. Now, I just got to winterize my work pyjamas and I'll be set seven days a week.



  1. Love your leather jacket and necklace. They work great with your put-together pajama look!

  2. I adoooore your sweater! I love the detailing on the sleeves :-) xo

  3. Really great outfit! I'd like to replicate it!


    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. i am all about the work-jamas! and that sounds like a FANTASTIC weekend, lady!

    dash dot dotty


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