Tuesday, November 26

In the name of Plaid

Ellison Apparel blazer | Red Berry sweater [similar] | Rich & Skinny jeans | DV booties | Longchamps bag

Plaid is the fall's breton stripe. I know because my closet told me. Up until October my racks were stuffed with stripes of every kind and now I can't brush by two pieces without stumbling into some plaid. Not that I'm complaining. Both are classic patterns that seem to just work in every instance, balancing casual with dressy, making them the perfect go-to. What I'm trying to say is... I practically live in this thing. That's alright though, right? We're still cool... riiiight?


  1. I mean this as an absolute compliment -- but you've been totally reminding me of Taylor Swift lately! Maybe it's the bangs, idk.


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