Wednesday, October 9

Fall Spots

Jack by BB Dakota leather [similar] | French Connection blazer | Tommy Hilfiger dress | DV boots [similar] | longchamps bag

SURPRISE! chop! chop! The fall air, and pinterest, got to me and on a whim so I booked a cut over my lunch break. It's not much different from my summer hair just a little shorter, cleaner and tighter - perfect for fall. I just need to figure out how to style my new do' as perfectly as Rose Byrne [heart] and I'll be set! This cut couldn't have come at a better time as the weather is truly ushering in fall. I had to wear a leather coat and pull my socks up on the way to work - what is this world coming to!?


  1. What perfect fall layering! The drapey blazer with the leather jacket pair so well. Your hair looks adorable too!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Ugh, isn't Rose Byrne's hair just the best?
    I love your dress, and the socks look super cute poking out the top of your boots.

    xo julesinflats

  3. Your new haircut is wonderful and I Love your layers today!

  4. yay for fall layers! and nice hair, lady!

    dash dot dotty

  5. Love the hair cut! And the different layers of your outfit. The draped blazer peeking out from under the jacket looks so good.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Sorren!


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