Thursday, September 5

Makeup Forever :: Artisan Brush Review

There's really no reason for me to include the above photo other than it makes me SO EXCITED for this collection. There's just something about that gets me all pumped up like intro lights at a Jay-Z show.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a new line of make up brushes and boy-oh-boy are they impressive! The 2013 Artisan Brush Collection introduces 76 cutting edge brushes for (clearly) every need imaginable.. and some not yet imagined. This collection is five years in the making with each hand crafted brush being created through 25 unique steps involving 30 people!

One of my favourite aspects of this line is how they are classified :: 100s = complexion, 200s = eye, 300s = lip, 400 = artistic. The simplicity of it is so perfect and practical that it helps us none-professionals narrow down the correct brush so much easier. Personally, that's a big deal!

I received the Precision Blush Brush no. 150 for review. I usually opt for a large blush brush and apply to the apples of my cheeks. As this is a precision blush brush I attempted to respect the tool and followed the width of the brush along the tops of my cheekbones.

I liked the end result and I can see a difference from my usual application. I, however, am most certainly a novice and i have some practicing to do before i make full use of this brush's sculpting abilities. The fact I already see a difference in application speaks worlds for the brush itself, it's definitely peaked my interest of the other brushes in the collection.


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