Sunday, August 25

OPI San Francisco Collection, Summit Spa & fall nails!

Earlier this August, I was invited to a pre-launch event for the OPI San Francisco Collection (Fall/Winter 2013) hosted by Summit Spa in Halifax. I arrived early to give myself ample time to be indecisive - my favourite past-time. Given all the stunning options in this season's collection, it's a good thing I did! In fact, my lovely esthetician, Lisa Pettipas, was nice enough to walk me out one last time so I could change my mind... told you, indecisive.

I had originally opted for "A-Piers to be Tan", but swapped in "Keeping Suzy at Bay" and "Incognito in Sausalito" as my accent nail. I have been looking for a good blue for a while. Last winter it was a navy I was searching for, early spring it turned to royal blue and this summer I've been on the search for a robin's egg. Now that the weather has cooled off I'm back jonesin for navy and I think "Incognito in Sausalito" may just be it!.

I tend to favour the matte and flat colours (they make up 95% of personal collection) so these blues were just perfect! Even still, there were oh-so many pretty, shimmery shades for late fall and holiday events - I'm looking at you, "In the Cable Car-Pool Lane" and "Peace & Love & OPI"! 

A big thank you to Summit Spa for the invitation and a special thank you to the wonderful, Lisa, who did an amazing job shaping and polishing my nails - these dolls lasted me almost two weeks without a chip!


  1. Ooh, Incognito in Sausalito was my favorite at first glance! Good choice! The texture of the sand ones creeps me out a little, I'm not sure how I'm feeling about that! I'm wanting to check out the red, too, it looks like a great classic red!

    1. The sand ones creep me out too!! I wanted to be brave but I just couldn't and incognito in saulsalito is just too perfect!


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