Thursday, June 20

ready to work

french connection blazer & blouse [similar] | Seven for all mankind skinnies | nude pumps [similar]
RUDSAK clutch [similar] | Stella & Dot necklace [similar]

Most days, I enjoy dressing for work. It plays on my love for classic, professional pieces and puts my somewhat extensive dress collection to work. It's also fairly easy as my professional attire tends to skew more simple and put-together showcasing a slightly more calm, reserved side of my personality.

Some days though, I get a bug, an itch to throw in a little edge - to add a little more of the post 9-5, weekend-me. On these days, my work-appropriate dress collection just. won't. do. On these days, I tend to be late for work. On these days, I [gasp!] wear jeans mid-week! Okay, so perhaps by the time I put together today's outfit the wild, feral, rebellious me softened quite a bit and I left the house looking professional but it took a while to get there and I most definitely ate breakfast on the run.


  1. Regardless, you look like you're ready to take on the world in style!! I love this look Sorren. I would wear this to work in a heartbeat. Beautiful hair too! xo

  2. you look beautiful and professional! :) this is a great bit of edge
    kw ladies in navy

  3. This is a great work outfit. I've been seeing posts lately on dressing for work or an interview with style and I always think they still show too much skin. I think this is great and still incredibly stylish.


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