Wednesday, May 22

Spring Florals

Mattisse Floral blazer c/o Sugarlips | Smart Set tank | Rich&Skinny boyfriend jeans [similar]
nude pumps [similar] | Matt & Nat clutch

What a sweet coincidence! Just a few days ago a was drooling over blazers and then this lovely arrived from Sugarlips! I could not believe my luck when I saw this gem. I'm definitely more used to a structured blazer but I have been loving the relaxed fit and can't wait to style it again. I'm thinking jean shorts, or maybe a cute single-coloured sundress - how would you style it?


  1. Gorgeous blazer!! I thought it was just a light sweater at first glance! Haha

    Exploring My Style

  2. Oooh, so thrilled to have discovered your blog. Your style is so lovely and chic!! New reader here! xo

  3. Oh I love THIS!!! I hope the weather is better for you on your end! It's SO freezing here in Halifax lately.


  4. Cute! I know the blazer is supposed to be the focal point, but I actually really love your jeans!

  5. Very nice blazer! Florals are my favourite trend this season! Hmm, I would wear it with a dress or shorts (like you said) .. it is such a versatile piece! xo

  6. Super pretty blazer! I love the colours and the print!

  7. It was such a good hair day for you! Perfect hair!


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